Most people think they are smarter than average, Builder magazine editorial director John McManus says in his latest column. But mathematically, that isn't possible. And he believes it's important that you keep that in mind when builders report how they're doing in 2016.

Here's how McManus describes the situation:

"... [I]t's going to be outperformers, not average performers, who are going to make it whole and intact through the next tough stretch of the recovery.

"Average really is over in home building. Growth will occur this year, and it will look in the headlines as if it's distributed, national growth. But it's not. It will be outperformers growing, not average performers.

"Most builders believe they're outperformers, just the way most people believe they're smarter than most people. Mathematically, it's just not possible. Less than half---okay, slightly less than half--of builders will outperform the average among peers."

For more on McManus' commentary, visit his story on Builder's website.

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