Judging by past ProSales articles on online shopping, there's wide variety of opinion among dealers regarding online commerce. Some have embraced sales over the Internet, but anecdotal evidence suggests a majority still aren't creating pages that go much beyond what's derisively known as "brochureware." One reason why: A widespread belief that selling heavy, often commoditized building products isn't the same as selling iTunes or books, so the Internet needn't be as big a factor. Now new evidence from The Farnsworth Group both supports and negates that argument. On the one hand, the survey shows that consumers don't shop online as often for home improvement products as they do for all items in general. On the other, The Farnsworth Group found that 58% of those surveyed shop online at least monthly for home improvement products. So the question now is: What's on your website?

Chart of the Month data for October 2014

Source: Survey in May by The Farnsworth Group of 1,062 Americans