Odds are that if you frequent the online design-sharing platform Houzz.com, you have a hankering to fix up your current place or build a new one. A recent survey by the consumer-focused website confirms this, with four in 10 of the more than 73,000 U.S. respondents to a recent survey saying they plan to remodel or build an addition in the next two years and one in 10 saying they plan to build a custom home during that time.

But the results also turned up a coastal/heartland split with regard to the kinds of projects these Houzz users planned. All five markets with the highest percentage of respondents intending to build a custom home were in the center of the country, while four of the five top markets for remodels or additions were in states touching an ocean; Minneapolis was the exception.

Despite the geographic variation, much of homeowners’ rationale was the same. Eight in ten respondents across four regions nationwide listed improving their home’s aesthetics as their top motivation for remodeling. Slightly more than half of the homeowners in each of those regions said they also want to increase their home’s value and to upgrade its features and appliances. Homeowners in the western U.S. were slightly more concerned with improving the layout, while Northeasterners had more interest in boosting energy efficiency compared with homeowners in other regions. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they’d hire a pro to do the work, with good reviews as their top hiring criteria.

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