A new website is looking to connect suppliers with contractors who are hoping to save money and find the best price available for materials.

Launched last week, www.bidformaterials.com is the brainchild of Frederick Cann Jr., a 20-year veteran of commercial and residential construction. The site allows construction pros to create profiles and then access what its organizers hope will become a nationwide database of suppliers and fellow contractors.

After logging onto the site, pros can list the materials they need in the designated region of the country where they are working. Suppliers, including lumberyards, can then make private offers of the materials they could provide.

Cann said the motivation behind the site was giving contractors an opportunity to save money while receiving competitive prices. "Contractors get endless possibilities for better prices on materials, which would result in better bids to customers, generating more work for their company," he told ProSales. "Suppliers get unlimited leads, which improves their sales as well. It's a no-brainer."

Membership in the site costs $49.95 per month. Based in Medford, N.Y., Bidformaterials took about eight months to develop and just began a direct mailing campaign to spread the word. The site also hopes to affiliate itself with industry trade sites and media, Cann says.

"At the end of the day you are going to be more competitive and you get more jobs," Cann said. "I believe there is always a better price available."