"Overly burdensome regulations complicate our businesses while providing little of their intended benefits," NAHB Board Chairman Ed Brady says in a commentary published June 21. "But even more important, they add to the cost of the house—making it more difficult or even impossible for many deserving families to achieve the American dream of homeownership."

Among the problems, regulatory costs imposed on an average single-family home increased almost 30% in the past five years, rising from $65,224 in 2011 to $84,671 in 2016, NAHB says. And the cost of regulations in the price of a new home is rising more than twice as fast as our buyers’ ability to pay for it.

"There is a need for sensible regulations in our industry, but we must put a stop to excessive mandates that do little else besides increase the cost of housing," Brady says. To learn more, see his full column as published in BUILDER.

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