Sales across North America of 17 key building materials at LBM facilities and big-box operations will grow 17.7% over three years, from $147 billion in 2014 to $173 billion by 2017, Principia Consulting forecast today. Sales in the United States will rise to $155 billion from $132 billion over that period, while sales in Canada will increase to $17 billion from $15 billion.

The Malvern, Pa.-based industry analyst also predicted the total gross margin pool will rise from $34 billion in 2014 to over $40 billion in 2017. That works out to a 23.1% gross margin from start to finish.

The numbers are part of Principia's 2015 update of its LBM market report. Its news release didn't provide any breakdowns of sales by company, by product, or by sales outlet.

The product categories expected to get cumulative sales of $173 billion by 2017 are lumber, cabinets and countertops, roofing, windows, millwork, insulation, doors, fasteners, siding, weather resistant barriers, wallboard and ceilings, trusses, railing, decking, flashing and tapes, exterior trim, and bricks and masonry.