Louisiana-Pacific Corp. (LP) has launched a voluntary recall of 48 million linear feet of composite decking that can deteriorate prematurely and unexpectedly break, the federal Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) announced today.

The recall affected LP's WeatherBest and ABTCo. brands, sold by dealers nationwide, as well as its Veranda brand, sold by The Home Depot, between January 2005 and August 2008. Multiple firms made the Veranda brand product, but only the version manufactured by LP is affected, the CPSC said.

According to the CPSC, LP has received 37 reports of composite decks breaking, resulting in 14 injuries, including a broken wrist, sprained ankle, and minor cuts and bruises.

"Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed," CPSC said.

LP has set up at toll-free number at 888-325-1184 and a website, www.deckingnotice.com, in connection with the recall. LP is offering a free inspection of any suspected decking and, if premature deterioration is found, will arrange for a free replacement.

LP's recall page notes that the company issued a product advisory for decking products, including railing and accessories, that were sold out of its Meridian, Idaho, plant after Jan. 1, 2005. "Due to a subsequent deck step-through that caused an injury, LP was required by law to report this to the CPSC," LP said. "We are now working in conjunction with the CPSC on a decking product recall, although the program is no different than previously reported to you. The CPSC issued a press release about the decking recall on May 13.

"We want to stress that there are no changes to the program or process for deck inspection or replacement," LP continued. "As we have been doing since last August, LP will continue to replace at no charge the limited number of decks determined by inspection to be affected by deterioration."