The most robust discussion we’ve had to date on ProSales’ LinkedIn group—now 5,200 members and growing steadily—began with a simple request from a Florida dealer: What are conditions like where you live? Here are some of the replies. Want to take part in this conversation (or start ones that matter more to you)? You’re invited to join LinkedIn and sign up for the ProSales group.

Question: I live in Florida and I rarely ever see a new home go up; [it’s a] very depressed state. Just curious: In other parts of the U.S., is the construction industry good or bad?

A We are busy in Texas. The Mid-west seems to be picking up steam.

B Life is grand in [Sioux City, Iowa]. Living in rural farm country is perhaps the hottest place to be after the oil fields of North Dakota.

C We are building now in Reno, Nev. The downside is houses are being built and sold for a lot less, so prices are taking a beating.

D Some uptick in Connecticut. However, other than two full drywall trucks, I cannot remember when I last saw a truck of framing lumber on the interstate or going to a job site. A truck of framing is almost like a museum piece.

E I live in Connecticut and sell precast foundations. We have seen a nice upswing in the past several months.

F Send your underemployed framers to western Michigan. They will have work ... and the winters are beautiful.

G Upstate New York [has seen] some activity within the past few weeks but overall an absolutely AWFUL summer for building.

H Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama seem to have an extreme-ly subtle increase ... mostly additions and renovations.

I A lot of multifamily units are going up around here in Winston-Salem, N.C.

J Southern California is doing better. $1 million to $3 million specs are popping up all over, while our partners in the interior design industry have seen a slight increase over the past six months.

K In St. Louis, one recent article reports a 30% increase in permits

L [In Philadelphia] I have heard from customers that they have some good business for the first time in years. It is not 2004-2005, but the spec homes have been selling, slowly.

M We have seen an unprecedented boom in [Buffalo, N.Y.] the last few years. It really depends on the economy you are working within.

N Remodeling and the luxury home markets we see going on everywhere in South Florida.

O I was in Montgomery and Auburn, Ala., this week and there is a lot going on compared to Atlanta. I saw two supplier trucks from Atlanta delivering to both towns.

P Alaska didn’t feel the recession as much. But our building did slow down a lot. Houses are starting to pop up more frequently this year.