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From file "076r1_pss" entitled "PMONITORjan.qxd" page 01
From file "076r1_pss" entitled "PMONITORjan.qxd" page 01
From file "076r1_pss" entitled "PMONITORjan.qxd" page 01

BHK of America
The side of each plank in the Moderna Vision V-Joint Laminate Flooring System is beveled to create a V-groove between each plank, which is sealed with a pattern that matches the laminate flooring's wood-grain design. The system offers the look and feel of a solid planked floor, the maker says, and is available in several wood-grain patterns, including hemlock, York beech, and Colonial oak. 800. 663.4176.

The Topaz line of laminate surfacing for countertops and backsplashes replicates the look and feel of engineered stone surfacing in eight colors, the maker says. Layers of multiple colors are accented with pearl pigments in bronze, silver, and gold to give the laminate patterns depth and dimension. A beveled custom edge can be added to eliminate the brown edge. 800.433.3222.

Columbia Forest Products
Designed to resemble solid lumber, Appalachian Traditions custom-matched, hardwood-veneered plywood includes two collections. The Contemporary collection offers a light palette and smooth lines in Hartford ash, Bristol birch, and more. The Heritage collection features deep colors and heavier textures in Roxbury oak, Berkshire ash, Laurelton birch, and Townsend birch. 800.547.1791.

Designed for use with Solatube's tubular skylights, the low-voltage Solatube Daylight Dimmer allows the level of lighting through the skylight to be turned up or down. Its butterfly baffle design is driven by an electric motor inside the skylight unit, and a wall-mounted switch connected to the Daylight Dimmer's built-in transformer controls operation. Light levels can be adjusted between 2 percent and 100 percent. 800.966.7652.

Enabling the addition of nearly invisible low-voltage wiring in the home, the WireTracks system conceals wires behind a cover attached to standard baseboard molding of the customer's choice. The wiring channel installs in plane with drywall to contain wires, and baseboard molding attaches to the replaceable wiring channel cover, which snaps into place over the wiring channel. 206.365.3737.