LMB bandits have hit Economy Builders Supply of Greenville, Texas a third time.

On Oct. 26, the Greenville Police Department arrested a suspect who was caught with a stolen truck from the dealer. The vehicle was loaded with equipment and power saws, according to Danny Ott, owner of Economy Builders Supply.

Economy Builders Supply was hit a second time in September when 580 bundles of shingles were stolen. Last May, Economy lost four flatbed trucks loaded with shingles. GPS units installed on the trucks helped in their eventual recovery, along with 75% of the shingles. Altogether, Economy has lost more than $140,000 in materials, Ott said.

Following the latest incident, additional warrants have been issued for two other suspects, according to Investigator Mike Johnston of the Greenville Police Department. In an email to ProSales, Johnston said all three suspects have been identified as Honduran and all three are illegal immigrants.

Previous arrests related to LBM thefts in Texas, including arrests in Dallas and Houston, have unveiled an underground market run by Hondurans.

"At this point in the investigation there is little information about any organized activity with these three individuals," Johnston said. "The one individual that has been arrested has not provided any information that will lead to any additional arrests at this time."

"Information will be disseminated to other law enforcement in hopes that these individuals can be linked to other offenders and offenses," Johnston added.

Since last April, the Lumbermen's Association of Texas and Louisiana (LAT) and the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) have reported about $6 million in losses related to LBM thefts. The associations place the total number of thefts at more than 70 separate incidents.

The two associations, in conjunction with Texas Crime Stoppers, have set up a tip line (866-938-8477) in hopes of receiving any useful information that might lead to the arrest of suspects connected to LBM crimes.