Universal design will never take off, advocates say, unless consumers see it as something to aspire to. So when it comes to products, forget talk of aging and push the cool factor. These products combine beauty and practicality for a comfortable, well-designed living space.

Here are products that demonstrate cool in action versus traditional approaches.

• Flip-down teak shower seat vs. typical plastic shower chair.

• Corner shelf and towel bar (A) with integrated support bar (HealthCraft’s Invisia Collection) vs. typical ADA-approved support bar.

• Touch-control faucet (B) (Delta’s Touch2O model for kitchen) vs. a typical kitchen 3-piece faucet

• Side-hinged oven vs. traditional oven.

• A thermostat with wireless technology (C) that “learns” your temperature preferences vs. typical (fiendishly hard to program and read) programmable thermostats.

• Door hardware (D) that operates with the touch of a hand, arm, or hip (SOSS UltraLatch) vs. traditional handle requiring rotation of the wrist.

• LEDs that can be built into floors for way finding vs. plug-in night light.

• Combined toilet and bidet (Kohler Numi) with motion-activated lid and seat, also available in comfort height, vs. standard toilet.

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