Metrostudy has released its Home Building Outlook for 4Q2015. The Home Building Outlook details the Top 100 housing markets. In addition, Metrostudy uses the Home Building Outlook to make predictions of the building market for local and national market. The 4Q2015 indicates that the 1.23 million US Housing Starts will include 819,000 single family homes and 418,000 multi-family homes. Metrostudy News quotes two experts in its article on ProSales’ sister site, Builder:

“The U.S. housing market continues to gradually expand,” says Brad Hunter, Chief Economist of Metrostudy. “We expect steady growth for the next several years, with slower price gains in the new home sector.” Mark Boud of Real Estate Economics, a subsidiary of Metrostudy, also observes, “Some in our industry have voiced concerns about economic problems in China impacting the housing market, or high new home prices restricting demand. We recognize those factors may have some impact, but it will be not be significant enough to prevent our forecasted expansion in construction.”

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