Desert Lumber has acquired the assets of A.C. Houston Lumber's Las Vegas operations. The deal marks the end of A.C. Houston's presence in the Las Vegas market and means less competition for Desert Lumber in the southern Nevada market. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of the year.

Desert Lumber owner Terry Ono said his company will not operate out of the A.C. Houston facilities. Ono said A.C. Houston will continue to hold the lease for its properties and that the employees at the location will not be retained.

The facility includes A.C. Houston's lumberyard, truss, and wall panel operations. The deal also includes a non-compete clause for the southern Nevada area. Desert Lumber currently operates in North Las Vegas.

A.C. Houston president Ron Mason said the company will keep its corporate offices in Las Vegas for at least another year. The dealer now operates only two locations in Ketcham, Idaho, and Indio, Calif.

Mason said the deal came about over the past two weeks when Desert Lumber approached with an offer to buy. He said moving out of the Las Vegas area, which was ground-zero for the housing bubble burst, will free up more money for the company to expand its other operations. Mason said the company plans to expand services and facilities in California, but did not specify when or how.

"Having one less supplier in town gives everyone a better chance," said Mason. "We also have some opportunities in California that this frees us up to do. We felt it was a win-win for both organizations."