Updated: Nov. 16

Stock Building Supply and BMC have 86 distribution yards, 33 truss manufacturing facilities, and 43 millwork operations between them. Their merger will result in America's third biggest pro dealer. These two dealers operate in a wide variety of locations, and the merger announcement touted the, "significant market expansion in attractive geographies." There is some overlap however, mainly in Utah and Texas.

The following interactive chart was compiled from information available on Stock Building Supply, BMC, and their subsidiaries websites. Expand or shrink it as needed to see which types of facilities are in which locations.

Update: The merger is expected to take place before the end of the year. Stock shareholders have scheduled a meeting on Dec. 1 to vote on the merger.  In its final 3rd Quarter earnings before the merger, Stock posted at 205 increase in net income and a 1.3% growth in sales.

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Map by Jessica Rubenstein