ProSales has created a Web page containing a map and spreadsheet listing of all the LBM facilities we've heard of that have been closed or mothballed since January 2008. The mothballed facilities are marked by an "M" in the city field of the spreadsheet.

This list is based on company announcements, press reports, calls to ProSales and information compiled by LBM consultants and associations. Most facility descriptions and closure dates are based on those reports. In some cases, we don't know exactly when a facility closed, so we gave general dates, such as reporting a yard that closed in 2008 as being shut on 12/31/08. In addition, the fact that a facility is closed is not meant to imply that the entire company is out of business.

While comprehensive, this list is likely to be incomplete. You are invited to e-mail ProSales editor Craig Webb at or call him at 202-736-3307 with reports of closures or to correct information.

View Closures Map and Spreadsheet