Our October 2014 cover story on Atlanta's New Civil War noted that Georgia's capital city is the only market in the country where you could find the top 12 companies on the ProSales 100 plus several other major firms.  Only some Texas markets come close. This interactive map helps make that case, as well as give you a sense of how quickly BMC has become a major player in the Peach State.

The map shows street-level locations of all the Georgia yards of ProSales 100 companies plus such big non-participants as GMS and Brand-Vaughan Lumber Co. and Atlanta institutions like Lummus Supply. As you view it, note that the colors identifying BMC, Stock Building Supply, and Robert Bowden Inc. all will be the same soon. BMC plans to become majority partner in a merger with Stock this fall, and it also has announced it will acquire Robert Bowden. In addition, this past spring BMC bought VNS Corp., a major player in south Georgia and No. 39 on the PS100. 

Data on the map comes from ProSales research.

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