The Mansfield, Ohio, city council has approved plans by 84 Lumber to re-open a former Roberts and Dydhal facility in the north central Ohio community and build a truss plan that could eventually employ more than 150 people.

The Pierce Hardy Limited Partnership, 84's leasing company, will pay $280,000 for five buildings on the property and secure a lease for the facility, which has been vacant for at least eight years, the Mansfield News Journal reported May 4.

Economic Development Director Tim Bowersock said 84 Lumber will invest about $2 million in machinery and equipment and initially hire 58 people at an average wage of $16 per hour. "They want to get started right away with a target date of June 1," he said.

Much of the news concerning 84 lately has involved its Western expansion plans. But the company remains more of an Eastern powerhouse, with four facilities serving the Columbus, Ohio, market and two servicing Cleveland. Mansfield is located about midway between the two.

Visit the Mansfield newspaper for more on 84's truss facility plans.

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