Slide from BMC presentation on Aug. 9, 2016, on its ReadyFrame product status and plans

In a presentation to investors today, BMC said it plans to install its ReadyFrame system in nine new markets this year, giving it 25 markets overall for a service that the nation's No. 3 dealers expects will generate $70 million in revenue.

Ready-Frame offers builders pre-cut framing pieces that are bundled and delivered in a way that makes it possible to erect a house faster, more safely, and with fewer people than can happen conventionally. It was launched in 2011. Last year, sales grew nearly 18% to $70 million. In BMC's Seattle market, it figures in 55% of the dealer's business. In 2015, ProSales gave BMC its Excellence Award for Technology.

Until this year, Ready-Frame was available only west of Mississippi. Except for one operation in North Carolina, the West also was BMC's service area until it merged with and essentially took over Stock Building Supply last December and two Georgia giants--VNS Corp. of Valdosta, Ga., and Robert Bowden Inc. of Marietta, Ga.--earlier in the year.

Ready-Frame's rollout reflects those acquisitions. Its new locations include sites in the Atlanta area and south Georgia where Robert Bowden and VNS are located. Its other planned sites will serve markets where Stock was active: Houston--where Stock's Bison Building Supply had a stronghold--Charlotte and the Triad region of North Carolina; Richmond, Va.; Washington, D.C.; and southeastern Pennsylvania. The other market to be added serves Albuquerque, N.M.

The presentation also gave BMC the opportunity to remind investors that its just-released second-quarter earnings report showed marked increases in profit and sales from the year before, even when Stock's numbers from last year were penciled into the calculations.