The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has determined that there is "reasonable indication that a U.S. industry is materially injured by reason of imports of softwood lumber products from Canada," and has decided to further its investigation into the claim that Canadian softwood lumber receives subsides and is "sold in the United States at a less than fair value," according to a press release from the USITC.

The USITC will investigate the alleged countervailing duty of the imports from Canada and is scheduled to deliver a determination around Feb. 20, 2017. It will also conduct an antidumping investigation and will deliver its determination around May 4, 2017.


The Commission’s public report Softwood Lumber Products from Canada, Inv. Nos. 701-TA-566 and 731-TA-1342 (Preliminary), USITC Publication 4663, January 2017) will contain the views of the Commission and information developed during the investigations.

The report will be available after February 7, 2017. After that date, it may be accessed on the USITC website at:

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