Kelly Evans
Kelly Evans

The Ithaca, N.Y., woman who turned to Go Get Funding to raise money to open her own lumberyard is still working toward her goal.

Kelly Evans wishes to open her own lumberyard and turned to crowdfunding in February to help her raise $200,000 to purchase the property on which she’d put her yard.

Evans’ page on the crowdfunding site has now expired, but Evans says she has made some progress.

“I have made many contacts on the supplier side,” Evans said in an email to ProSales. "Some [people were] simply reaching out to see if they would be potential supply lines to me, but the vast majority were [contacting me] to point me in the right direction of how to start the business inventory."

She also says that lumberyards from across the country have reached out to her to give advice. "[They were] basically letting me know that I could ask them anything that I had questions about."

Evans says her focus is now to get investors for her lumberyard.

"I'm straight out asking for investors and/or a partner to aid in this endeavor," says Evans. "I'm asking anyone that has the ability to fund such a project to reach out and talk to me ... It's not just what's on paper that makes a great business, it's the person behind it, and I believe I have just what it takes to really step up."

To learn more about her business plan or to become an investor, contact Evans at 607.342.6691 or