Both super-mergers announced recently--Builders FirstSource (BFS) with ProBuild and BMC with Stock Building Supply--have one thing in common: A reliance on business in Texas. ProSales' sister company, Metrostudy, predicts the Lone Star State will have 105,767 single-family housing starts this year. That's 15% of the expected SF construction nationwide. Metrostudy also forecasts Texas in 2015 will have 39,761 multifamily starts (10% of the U.S. total), 72,191 new-home sales (14%), and 864,437 pro-worthy remodeling projects (8% of the nation's total).

All four of the merging companies list Texas as a top source of revenue, so for these marriages to succeed, the combined companies will need to win significant market share in the state. That won't be easy. Aside from having to battle each other, Texas also is home to several other ProSales 100 lumberyard, including McCoy's Building Supply (No. 14 on the ProSales 100 list), Foxworth-Galbraith (No. 24), Zarsky Lumber (No. 67), Cassity Jones Lumber (No. 76), Texas Plywood (No. 86), Oldham Lumber (No. 90), and The Detering Co. (No. 95). All deal at least partly with the kinds of builders that BFS, Stock, ProBuild, and BMC court. Then there are hundreds of smaller dealers that serve custom clients, rural communities, and particular urban neighborhoods.

Let's not forget as well the specialty firms in the state, like ABC Supply, Roofing Supply Group, and SRS Distribution, the latter two of which also are headquartered in Texas

Put those major companies' locations on a majp and you can tell already there will be intense competition for sales from Texarkana to El Paso. Here's a map showing each location. The pins on the map are based on information from each company's website.

Map by Jessica Rubenstein

Map by Jessica Rubenstein

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