Sunroc Building Materials has been awarded the United States Forest Service's Wood Innovation Grant for its proposal to create and produce "wall and floor panels to be used in single family and midrise multi-family home construction," according to Yahoo! Finance.

As part of its proposal, Sunroc will partner with the University of Utah's Integrated Technology in Architecture Center (ITAC) for three years to manufacture, study the effectiveness of, and determine the cost of the panels, according to ITAC's director, Ryan Smith.

Per the awarded proposal, years one and two of the program will focus on start-up of the production plant, capacity building, supply chain optimization, and pilot project execution of panelized construction. Year three will leverage a partnership with WoodWorks and American Institute of Architects (AIA) Utah to develop and disseminate an education program on the new products for design, detail and specification in commercial projects.

Sunroc has been awarded $250,000 to complete its project. It isn't the only company that thinks pre-fab panels could speed up the construction process. Eric Dean of the U.K. company Legal & General, also thinks that pre-fab panels made from CLT could quickly erect both single family and 20-story apartment buildings.

To read more about Sunroc's proposal, follow the link below.

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