Cascade (Iowa) Lumber’s Facebook page turned hot last year after John Noonan, who handles retail buying and marketing for the single-location company, launched a series of promotional contests to entice locals to engage with the brand both online and at the sales counter. Noonan used the social media website’s “Events” feature to launch three promos: The first asked followers to identify images of doors in the community using a scorecard posted online and in the local paper to win a $125 store credit for a new door; the second asked followers to post original photos of the best (or worst) porches they could find with winners receiving $150 store credits; and the third queried followers for images of their current or dream kitchens and an explanation of why they deserved a $2,000 credit toward their own project. Each promo drove more traction than the one before, Noonan says, with 17 customers participating in the final contest and nearly 400 Facebook users liking the business’s page. Although the contest was Facebook-based, Cascade coordinated its marketing efforts via radio, newspaper, and social media. Noonan says it may be difficult to correlate an uptick in “likes” with more transactions but that his social media efforts are after a different metric: building goodwill. In addition to running promos, he posts news about local high school sports teams, community events, and photos from the company’s past. “It’s always good to post something that interests people,” he says. “Something that doesn't involve your business. Something people think is cool."