Lumber and timber
Mats Tooming Lumber and timber

The National Association of Home Builders reported today that it has formed the American Alliance of Lumber Consumers (AALC) to help ensure American consumers have "stable and dependable access" to lumber and building materials. The coalition was formed as a response to the ongoing softwood lumber talks between the United States and Canada. The most recent softwood lumber agreement lapsed last October, and officials from both nations are negotiating the terms for a new agreement.

According to NAHB's news, posted on its blog:

The American Alliance of Lumber Consumers supports free trade in lumber and building materials. Access to lumber and other readily available building materials and products allows home builders to provide safe, decent and affordable housing at competitive prices.

AALC believes restrictive trade agreements that impose, quotas, tariffs and other border tax measures have the potential to create large and unpredictable swings in the cost and supply of lumber and other key building materials, which hurts housing affordability.

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