Your website might do a great job telling customers what you can do for them before they buy, but what about afterward? Lowe's thinks that's a sales opportunity, too.

According to Advertising Age magazine, this month the big box plans to launch MyLowe's, a website that will enable consumers to access records of everything they've purchased at the store, including owner's manuals, warranties and extended protection plans. Lowe's believes consumers will particularly like this when they have to replace siding or shingles that they bought from the store several years ago but no longer remember its name, or need paint in a special tint that Lowe's previously mixed.

The story also reported that Lowe's will introduce software–on its website at first, and then on mobile devices as well–that will enable visitors to create virtual rooms in which they can experiment with various wall colors and flooring styles, as well as keep wish lists. Dealers might consider fighting back by linking their sites to the burgeoning number of so-called envisioning applications that manufacturers are creating. (See "They're Getting Smarter," July/August issue.)

Along with the new website and features, Lowe's launched a new brand strategy based around the tagline of "Never Stop Improving." The company launched a new advertising campaign in support of the strategy on Sept. 19. It follows a couple from first date to aging grandparents, making home improvements big and little along the way.