Grizzly Building Supply (GBS) in Nome, Alaska, is up for sale. According to the company’s page on Bloomberg Business Week, sellers are asking $4.1 million for the business. The price tag includes inventory, real estate, and the furniture, fixtures, and equipment. The website cites GBS’s gross income as $3.7 million. The company’s profile on Business Week further details the company’s inventory and business:

“Grizzly Building Supply is the only supplier in town of lumber and most other large building materials. There is one smaller store in Nome that sells some similar plumbing and electrical supplies, but has a more industrial lineup of products. Many of the surrounding villages do not have any source of building materials, so they purchase them from GBS. GBS delivers daily to the airport to ship supplies all over NW Alaska. The store is located right on the edge of town on a very busy road, near the hospital, grocery store, and police station.”

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of the Alaskan frontier, wished to be a stone’s throw away from Russia (Nome is closer to Russia than it is to the continental U.S), or wanted to be present for the conclusion of the Iditarod, GBS may be your ticket.

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