Hyde Tools says the fibers in the company’s QuicklyClean Glove are woven in a patented process that enables the user to remove oil-based or latex paint, caulk, adhesives, and dirt and grime from hands with only mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals and their effects on skin. The glove can be machine-washed and reused, and it fits most hand sizes. Hyde Tools, www.hydetools.com, 508.764.4344; Circle 1

Enduris says it has developed a cellular PVC fence that incorporates variegated wood-grain patterns and a rough-sawn look while weighing 30% to 40% less than its composite competitors, its maker says. The Endwood Cellular PVC fence features 6-inch pickets in square-edge or dog-eared profiles, each on an 8-foot span. Enduris, www.enduris.com, 888.329.7428; Circle 2

CertainTeed’s UnderShield features a clip and grid system with stainless steel hardware to secure 6-inch-wide, 16-foot-long vinyl panels to a deck’s joists. Water seeping through the boards is sent to a gutter at the deck’s edge. Panels and fascia come in chamfer or beaded styles and in white, gray, and beige. CertainTeed, www.certainteed.com, 800.233.8990; Circle 3

Weyerhaeuser says its Hardwood Edge OSB panel, for use under hardwood floors, resists swelling and shrinkage that loosens fasteners securing boards to substrate in wet places. A drainage system has grooves to limit water absorption and a seal to reduce edge swelling. It’s available in Eastern markets. Weyerhaeuser, www.weyerhaeuser.com, 800.525.5440. Circle 4

Credit: Dan Rockafellow

Tamko expanded its Heritage series of laminated asphalt shingles to include a Class-4 impact-rated version designed to resist cracking and rupturing from heavy hail. The underside is reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester fabric, which uses thermally bonded fibers to add impact resistance. The line is available in six natural colors. Tamko, www.tamko.com, 800.641.4691; Circle 5

-Edited by Hallie Busta