The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association released its 2014 policy agenda today with big goals in mind for the current economic rebound. Though much remains the same as last year, here's a list of this year's changes:

  • Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program "to reflect a slower increase in actuarial rates and to allow sufficient time between the publishing of the new maps and their adoption by local jurisdictions."
  • Support for the "inclusion of all credible forest management certification schemes in green building standards and program."
  • Opposition to National Labor Relations Board efforts to "hear and decide cases in instances where it has been determined by a federal court that there was not a quorum at the time of the decision or that appointments of members to the Board is unconstitutional."
  • Mandatory implementation of E-Verify by employers "to reduce paperwork burdens," but with a phase-in period for small businesses.

  • Opposition to "sue and settle" techniques "that circumvent the traditional rule-making process."
  • Restoring the "opt-out" clause in the Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rules and reviving EPA efforts to find a new lead paint test kit that meets a better false positive standard.
  • Support of rule-making policies "that recognize existing voluntary, consensus-based standards as viable alternatives to command-style regulations."
  • Increasing the maximum gross vehicle weight to 97,000 pounds on federal interstates.

  • Support for more competition in U.S. rail companies.

Read the full 2014 policy agenda here.