A recent Forbes article shed light on the questionable business tactics and lavish spending of 84 Lumber founder Joe Hardy during one of the company's toughest financial times.

After linking to the article on our website last week, we've received plenty of responses about that period of 84 Lumber's history.

"I worked for 84 for some years," one former employee said. "I could see the handwriting on the wall. I did very good for some years during the boom. I tried to talk with corporate including a letter to Maggie. No response from the ivory tower. You reap what you sow and they had been sowing bad seed for many years. Some Joe's fault but more so many others are to blame."

"The Eighty Four Lumber saga is like peeling an onion. The more you peel away, the worse it tends to smell," said another former 84 Lumber employee, Steve Burns, on the comment section of our story on PROSALES. "As this story continues to play out, it becomes more obvious what may have contributed to the unfortunate situation that resulted in the financial ruination of the contractors, who in good faith allowed Eight Four Lumber to perform their construction work for them. Instead of Eighty Four Lumber stepping up and taking ownership of their shoddy workmanship and poor conduct, they've chosen to try to reconcile their losses on the backs of the innocent contractors who were duped and the very unfortunate parties for whom the work was intended for."

"It’s easy to criticize an owner for doing what they feel is best for their company especially during the worst economy in 50+ years but, if you’re going to criticize someone for taking advantage of a federal loan program through their state, the state of PA, don’t you think it would be fair to mention the millions of dollars in taxes and donations they've made during the good economy years?" said William Davis, an LBM director. "All companies struggled during those years and may have done some very unethical business dealings during those times (we all can name a few of them), but to voice a negative opinion on an Open Form is not only unprofessional but shows a lack of respect to the person or company that you’re talking about and also shows a lack of self-respect."

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