Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, today revived H.R. 1199, a bill also known as "Innocent Sellers Fairness Act." That bill that would provide product liability protection to businesses that sell, not manufacture or install, products. In other words, it would protect business such as LBM dealers from lawsuits over the products they sell.

So far, the bill has received high praise from the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association.

"NLBMDA thanks Representative Farenthold for his work to restore some sanity to our legal system by recognizing that business owners that merely sell products, and are not involved in the manufacturing process, should not be held liable for defects that they did not create," said NLBMDA Chairman JD Saunders, vice president at Economy Lumber in Campbell, Calif., in a press release.

NLBMDA Jonathan Paine added: "The Innocent Sellers Fairness Act would limit the instances when retailers-including lumber dealers-could be pulled into a product liability lawsuit and protect dealers from plaintiffs' lawyers looking for a quick dollar. NLBMDA is leading the fight to garner support for the legislation and we applaud Rep. Farenthold for continuing to be a partner in this fight for our small businesses."

Five representatives served as cosponsors to the bill: Reps. Rick Crawford, R-Ark.; John "Jimmy" Duncan Jr., R-Tenn.; Trent Franks R-Ariz.; Lynn Jenkins R-Kan.; and Lamar Smith R-Texas. The bill has been referred to the House's Judiciary Committee, and the Energy and Commerce Committee.