The new logo and color scheme for Central Valley, the dealer formerly known as Central Valley Builders Supply

Central Valley Builders Supply, the No. 62 LBM operation on the ProSales 100, changed its name to simply Central Valley this month as part of a rebranding effort that company president Steve Patterson says will give all a better idea of how multifaceted the dealer has become.

The company's new website details (in both English and Spanish) services that stretch from lumber and hardware to equipment for agriculture; Central Valley is particularly active providing irrigation and related equipment to Northern California's vineyards. The site also promotes DIY products, a garden center, clothing, and household goods. The site doesn't mention a side import-export business that Central Valley also has been involved in for several years.

The name shift comes as Central Valley celebrates its 60th anniversary, having grown from a single store in Napa County to five units that collectively racked up $99.7 million in sales last year, an 8% improvement from 2013. One sign of its multiple roles comes from it pro/retail mix: Only 72% of its revenues come from building contractors.

"This brand reinvigoration is simply the outward sign meant to signal change, positive change, to our marketplace," Patterson wrote in an e-mail to ProSales. "Central Valley represents a shortening that was desired by all stakeholders. Most everyone referred to us as “Central Valley,” as the previous name was cumbersome.  Additionally, it became a somewhat limiting factor as we had become much more than just a 'Builders Supply'"

The positive change Patterson cites comes in several forms. The more than 50 trucks, forklifts and other heavy equipment are getting new paint jobs, and by year-end all will meet new pollution standards set California's Air Resources Board. Central Valley also is switching to a more sophisticated telephone network, it's installing a new software, and it will add a new offering to its framing packages designed to speed construction.

All this "should be a sign that we’re not planning to play 'second-fiddle' to anyone in our little neck of the woods," says Patterson. Central Valley's competitors include Golden State Lumber, No. 18 on the ProSales 100, and Meek's Lumber, No. 23.