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GNH Lumber will benefit from a $235,000 grant authorized by the Catskill Watershed Corp. to buy a 6.8-acre parcel for a new GNH store in Windham, N.Y., that's outside of a floodplain.

The money, approved June 7 and announced June 15, comes from the Flood Hazard Mitigation Implementation Program. According to the Daily Freeman, "A flood analysis identified the relocation as a top priority to eliminate repetitive flood damage and allow for floodplain reclamation" along the Bataviakill stream.

GNH has a lumberyard and associated equipment business in Windham.

GNH executive John Ingalls said that if the purchase were to go through--and much remains to be done before that could happen--GNH probably wouldn't even begin to move until late 2017 or in 2018.

"We're positive about this, but we're in an early stage," Ingalls said. "We definitely don't want to be a burden on the taxpayer [because of our current location on a floodplain]."

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