Marketing and credit management aren’t usually paired in LBM, but BlueTarp sees a connection. This fall, it’s launching a set of promotional and polling products to supplement its traditional slate of billing, collection, and back-office processing goods.

CEO Scott Simpson told ProSales the additions reflect a fact of life for dealers since housing crashed: “If you’re under $50 million, you basically gutted your marketing,” he said. “[Dealers] know they need to get back in the space.”

BlueTarp developed its new offerings this summer with a test program that emphasized three features: communications to existing customers, special campaigns, and what Simpson said was “the surprise winner:” surveys. All three will be part of the new program.

Simpson said doing marketing made sense for a commercial credit company like his because BlueTarp already is contacting its dealer clients’ customers every month. It also can easily customize messages because it knows the depth of the dealer’s relationship with the pro.

“This is going to change the interest in our business,” he said. “We’ve already gotten a couple of guys [as clients] that we wouldn’t have gotten before.”