ABC Supply is rolling out a new design for its "Solution Center" showrooms to all of its 370 locations nationwide.

The Solution Center highlights roofing, siding, and exterior building products to ABC's contractor customers. In turn, contractors can use the centers as a method of displaying and selling products to their homeowner customers.

"We've always offered a wider range of products and services than we could adequately display, and this new Solution Center design allows us to display a lot of product in a relatively small space," Dave Luck, CEO and president of ABC Supply, said in a statement issued by the company today.

Based in Beloit, Wis., ABC Supply ranked third on the 2009 ProSales 100 with sales of $2.76 billion in 2008.

The displays feature a new wing panel design by which visitors to ABC locations can compare and contrast product lines from different manufacturers, as well as pick up samples and literature about the products.

According to Luck, the center's features are a direct result of contractor feedback: contractors who were looking for better ways to educate themselves, their employees, and their customers about what types of options are available. Additionally, most contractors don't maintain their own product displays.

"We want our customers to feel our Solution Centers are their showrooms," Luck said.

ABC Supply also emphasized that its stores are not catering to the do-it-yourself crowd; they will remain contractor-focused while carrying hard-to-find specialty tools and supplies.

ABC Supply company operates in 45 states.