84 Lumber closed on Tuesday its locations in Auburn and Modesto, Calif., and in Lake City, Fla., the dealer's vice president of marketing and public relations told ProSales today

"The Lake City store dates back to 1979 and was smaller [than our typical location], with five employees," Jeff Nobers said. "We'll be moving what business they had and the guys to other stores in the area.

"Auburn was a store we bought back in 2002 when Payless Cashways was there," Nobers continued. "It was more like a home center. ... Over the last few years we've really looked at our stores and retooled. This was a store that didn't fit the format." Nineteen employees were affected he said. An Auburn newspaper reported that the 84 operation in that town northeast of Sacramento had "started a soft closing" in which all of the store's goods would be sold before the doors were shut.

As for Modesto, the closure decision reflects "the reality of the market there," Nobers said. California and Florida are the two worst in terms of the boom markets."

Eighty Four, Pa.-based 84 ranks sixth on the latest ProSales 100, with sales in 2009 of $1.35 billion, 95% of it to pros. As of the start of this year it said it had just over 300 locations and 4,000 employees.