The widow and 16-month-old son of Perryopolis, Pa., police officer Richard Champion will get a new home in nearby Ligonier thanks to Maggie Hardy Magerko, president and owner of 84 Lumber Co. The couple was leasing the home with intentions to buy when Champion, 34, was killed in the line of duty on Dec. 14.

Magerko said in a news release that she paid for the home because she wanted to give something back after learning the family's story. She will also pay for remodeling and repair work, including new siding, windows, exterior doors, electrical repairs, and wall and ceiling repairs. Remodeling will begin in the next few weeks.

“After seeing the accounts of his service to our country and community I felt it was very appropriate to do what I could do to ensure that Dawn and her son have a safe, and secure home in which to live and relieve her of the burden of having to be concerned with a mortgage and repair and remodeling costs,” said Magerko.