The B.C. Lumber Trade Council and the provincial government will launch a lobbying campaign to "convince their U.S. counterpart for an equitable softwood lumber deal," according to CBC News. The softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the U.S. has been going on for years, so the Canadians are well aware that they've got a long road ahead of them for both their lobbying efforts and in drafting a new trade deal with the U.S.

[Steve Thomson, B.C. Minister of Forests] said his main argument to his U.S. counterparts is to focus on the bottom line and avoid time-consuming, costly litigation.

"The U.S. needs our lumber. They don't have enough sawmilling capacity to meet their domestic needs. We believe it's beneficial for their economy, for homeowners, for the home builders association to have a managed trade agreement.

"That's going to be our ongoing focus working with our colleagues across the country."

Thomson said British Columbia generates about 50 per cent of Canada's softwood production.

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