Donald Trump's promises to undo trade deals that are not favorable to U.S. job growth and industry has British Columbia (B.C.) worried about the future of the softwood lumber trade with the U.S., Justine Hunter reports for the Globe and Mail. In response, B.C. has began seeking alternative trade partners, "with the first major shipment of B.C. lumber to India currently on its way," Hunter says.

From the Globe and Mail:

British Columbia, which supplies half of Canada’s softwood-lumber exports to the United States, is now bracing for what could be its toughest round of trade conflict over softwood lumber. Already, the U.S. International Trade Commission has launched an investigation into alleged harm of Canadian imports to the American softwood-lumber industry.

Speaking to the annual Truck Loggers Convention on Thursday, Ms. Clark vowed to continue to fight for B.C.’s forest industry in the latest trade battle.

“Time after time, without regard for the facts, the American government has accepted all of the allegations that have been filed by the U.S. lumber industry.”

“You would get more fair and impartial hearings from a judge at a pro-wrestling event,” the Premier told the convention.

“But they have picked a fight and they will find out that in British Columbia, we are no pushovers. In the long term, we are going to get a fair deal for British Columbia workers and British Columbia businesses.”

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