July 2011 Table of Contents

Selling the Pay Plan Selling the Pay Plan

Poor business conditions and competition have forced dealers to rethink how they pay their sales reps and how they measure success. Read more

5 Top Sales Negotiation Tactics 5 Top Sales Negotiation Tactics

Sales negotiations are as much about tactics as about products and price. Here's a full hand of tactics to make sure you maintain the upper hand. Read more

Selective Service Selective Service

Even as new construction lags, dealers shy from expanding their install services to remodeling. Read more

Internet Competitors Internet Competitors

Internet sales of building materials are rising. They already might be costing you business. Read more

Yard Notables
Here's an Anticlimax: Dealers Suffered in 2010

One of the great things about construction supply companies is that they're private, relatively small businesses, but that also means it's devilishly hard to get a sense of how they're doing financially. Read more

ProBuild Reorganizes Itself, Dissolves Regional Offices ProBuild Reorganizes Itself, Dissolves Regional Offices

Just over two years ago, ProBuild's then-chief operating officer, Bill Myrick, announced a company reorganization that divided the country into six regions and created a "shared services" operation at the Denver headquarters to handle common back-office tasks. Now the company has changed course. Read more

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