September 2007 Table of Contents

2007 Remodeling Survey

We asked remodelers to tell us what matters most to them from a dealer. They said: fulfill your commitments, deliver goods on a timely basis, and charge fair prices for your products. Read more

Clean It Up

Keith Coleman, co-owner of Coleman's Hamilton Building Supply, occasionally asks his employees why UPS washes its trucks nearly every day. "The answer is it makes them look professional, it makes them look like they have their act together," he says. "Perception is a reality." Read more

Capitol Ideas

It's been a relatively quiet year for pro dealers in state legislatures. Nevertheless, some recent changes promise heartburn or relief, depending on where you live. Among the most notable developments:Arizona Construction supply companies with operations in Arizona should prepare for turbulent times, and potentially tough penalties, following a new law that cracks down on the hiring of illegal immigrants and other undocumented workers. On July 9, Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) signed what she called "the most aggressive action in the country against companies who knowingly or intentionally hire undocumented workers." Read more

Dealer Development

Velux America is designing a new generation of skylights, and it's using its dealer base--from warehouse giants to large pro dealers--as a "touchpoint," says director of sales Stephan Moyon, to determine the strength and shape of those products' packaging. Read more

Returns: Readers Speak Out About Wood and Green Construction

Several of you responded to the July Editor's Note as well as to other letter-writers regarding "The Weight of Wood," in which editor Craig Webb suggested that the green movement should be viewed as an opportunity for LBM dealers to get past wood's historical role in their operations and review its true value to their yards today. Some letters have been edited for space. Read more

Product Monitor
Looking Trim Looking Trim

It's all about versatility in the world of composite trim. Whether it's size, texture, color, or matching lines, manufacturers are offering more options for exterior applications. Here is a variety of new trim products. Read more

Cordless Tools Cordless Tools

Leaps in battery technology, especially lithium-ion, let cordless tools pack more power. Now, other improvements are driving the tools to become more compact. Read more

Yard Notables: September 2007

Editor's Product Pick / Home Improvement an Industry Bright Spot Read more

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