November 2006 Table of Contents

Curtis Lumber 2006 Excellence Awards: Honorable Mention Showroom Design Curtis Lumber

Curtis Lumber creates an ambitious lighting showroom and lab that use energy efficiently while enhancing the customer's experience. Read more

M S International 2006 Excellence Awards: Honorable Mention Showroom Design M S International

M S International's stonework showroom in crowded Orange County gives dealers the room they need to help buyers envision what good landscaping can do. Read more

Boone County Lumber/Millwork 2006 Excellence Awards: Marketing/Customer Service Boone County Lumber/Millwork

Boone County Lumber/ Boone County Millwork ensures full customer contact by supporting traditional media advertising with investments in technology, trade shows, and a co-op hot air balloon. Read more

Van Millwork 2006 Excellence Awards: Showroom Design Van Millwork

With a full-service showroom displaying millwork in distinct architectural suites, Van Millwork makes buying millwork a quicker, happier experience. Read more

Good Fortune

After posting record-breaking financial performances over the past three years, San Francisco-based Building Materials Holding Corp. (BMHC) landed in the No. 41 spot on Read more

Green Machine Green Machine

So far, however, Hayward Lumber hasn't seen many dealers follow its pioneering work in green products and ecologically sustainable management practices. But Hayward doesn't appear discouraged by this lack of volunteers. In fact, rather than wait for others to get involved, it's busy blazing a route even deeper into this new territory. Read more

Next Generation Next Generation

Originally designed for those under 30, the Second Growth "maximum" age was increased in the '90s to 40, but in reality pro dealers of all ages are welcome to join. Still, attendance is dominated by industry greenhorns and sophomores looking to get a competitive edge for company and career. Read more

Built to Last Prowatch Century Club Built to Last

In this time of worry over the housing market's slowdown, it may help to remember that it's not the first time the residential construction industry has faced tough times, and it most certainly won't be the last. Dealers in the Century Club certainly know this. Read more

NLBMDA Briefings: Personal Touch

When it comes to excellence, your people are the difference. Read more

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