December 2006 Table of Contents

Hard Drive Hard Drive

Pro dealers around the country are showing a growing avidity for technology to help run their businesses. Read more

In the Pipeline In the Pipeline

Tied to both the Asian and U.S. economies, often reliant on military spending, and dependent on shipping lanes 2,400 miles long, the Hawaiian LBM supplier must master logistics, operations, and business diversification to have any shot at grabbing a piece of the state's 4,000 annual housing starts. One dealer that does is Honsador Holdings, the three-division power-house consisting of Honsador Lumber, Ariel Truss, and Honolulu Wood Treating (HWT) that pulled in $165 million in 2005 sales from nine locations across the islands of Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island of Hawaii. Read more

Anger Management Anger Management

How many times have you been singed by customers who feel they're the victim of your store's mistake and let you know about it in a not-so-nice manner? How you respond to and recover from those situations will determine whether you hear from them again. Read more

On the Market On the Market

Every dealer is looking for a way they can grow their business and get more out of their marketing, particularly as we look ahead to a shaky 2007. Here's our five step guide to implementing a smart marketing program. Read more

Supply Chain Supply Chain

Could The Home Depot have finally figured out the pro market? Read more

Toughing It Out HD Supply Targets Pros Tech Trends Marketing Strategies Toughing It Out

Builders have adopted a defensive posture against a market that's slumping in the hope that it can be ridden out. Read more

Product Monitor
High Performers High Performers

The latest in roofing products. Read more

Crossing Finish Lines Door Hardware Roofing Hot Finds/construction Materials Crossing Finish Lines

Door hardware has become jewelry, and finish and style choices have become a personal expression of taste. Read more

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