The top 100 builders in America accounted for 240,190 homes closed in 2015 according to sister publication BUILDER. This year's Builder 100 and Next 100 lists look at the biggest builders in the country, and the numbers show growth, 2015 accounted for a 6% gain in homes closed. Together, these two lists posted total revenue of $99.3 billion. Those are some great numbers, as explained by BUILDER's John McManus:

Most importantly, Builder 100/Next 100 companies' aggregated productivity caused two very important changes among customer buyers as they came to market. That total means that in each and every case, barriers to that buyer saying "yes" were lowered, while, equally, in each and every case, the customer's own sense of him, her, or themselves elevated to a level where they saw themselves realistically as buyers.

This is just a small sample of all of the analysis done by the team over at BUILDER, so click here to see the full Builder 100 list, click here to see the Next 100 list, and click here to check out the Builder homepage, with more in-depth look at this impressive list of builders.

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