If your showroom isn't taking full advantage of the technology available in order to show-off your products, "you're missing out on a key sales tool," Gary Thill writes in an article for our sister publication Replacement Contractor.

Contractor C&L Ward took one year to renovate its showroom. Now, the new showroom includes several TVs that lets customer service reps put home renderings up on the screen for the customers to see. In addition, the TVs can also be used to play short videos that explain why the customer should choose C&L. The company also added LED lights and bigger windows to commercialize the space.

"Still, there's no substitute for actually seeing the product in the showroom," Thill explains. C&L Ward expanded its product samples that it has in its showroom to compete better with the ever-growing online market. In addition, having a wide range of products allows the customers to see, touch, and experience all of their options before making a decision.

By remodeling your showroom to include these updates, you could be giving your customers a much better experience, especially to the tech-savvy millennials.

Nevertheless, " the best showrooms feature something technology can’t produce — superior customer service underlain with a nod toward craftsmanship," says Thill.

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