"Anything you can do to increase the top-of-mind awareness for your customers can be beneficial," says Daniel Baker., vice president of retail operations at Koopman Lumber, a dealer based in Whitinsville, Mass. Koopman does that by e-mailing a newsletter to 1,200 of its customers. The letters include coupons (known as KOOPons) and news about specials. Koopman sends its newsletters via Constant Contact, a service that enables the customer to disseminate bulk e-mails, manage subscriber lists, and track responses. The system gives Baker a much better idea of who saw his work than he would have known if he had sent his newsletter by mail. During a four-week period in late October and early November, an average of 31.7% of recipients opened the e-mail and 21.6% clicked on a link. The company avoids spam complaints by requiring people to sign up to receive the e-mails. "It's extremely cost-effective as opposed to paper mail or other marketing methods," Baker says.