Here's what's made ProSales' editors' reading list this month:

From our current issue: 2013 Dealer of the Year

Safrit's Building Supply, a dealer in coastal North Carolina, managed to turn a profit during the downturn—without laying anyone off. How they did it.

From our website: How To Avoid Cold Calling Like a Telemarketer

Don't let your approach scare potential customers away. Do your homework, slow down your pitch, and have a conversation. Telephone prospecting 2.0.

From our sister magazine: How to Empower Your Employees

Remodeling advises on how to tweak your workplace environment to bolster accountability without the Big Brother implications. Read more.

From the ProSales 100: A Look at ProBuild

As we gear up for this year's survey, a look at least year's biggest moves. ProBuild kept busy in 2012 by reorganizing its C-suite and regional divisions. How did those moves affect its bottom line?

From the archive: The What-Ifs of OTIF

Using OTIF (on-time and in-full) as a way to measure your company's delivery performance means that everything must be done right the first time.  How to measure OTIF.

Ruth Kellick-Grubs, August 2007