This month's story on Buzick Lumber's outrageously creative TV ads didn't just bring a smile to our face; it also reminded us of other great commercials from building material suppliers. Here are our six favorite LBM ads of all time. Which of these do you like most? What great ads are we missing? Tell us in the comments section below and we'll add them to this Hall of Fame.

Franklin Building Supply: The Other Guys

This was one of three commercials that won this Boise, Idaho-based dealer a ProSales Excellence Award in 2007. It was created when rumors started circulating that a big competitor was coming to town. The ad ultimately did so well that a lumberyard in Maine bought the whole series (with Franklin's permission) and ran them as is, changing only the company logo. To see the other two ads in the series, click here and here.

Dunn Lumber and The Box

The first ads in this series featured a fellow wearing an orange apron whose idea of solving a customer problem was to send them unassisted to Aisle 22. A certain big-box store called Seattle-based Dunn and pointed out that the orange apron was copyrighted. So Dunn came up with this.

The Jewson Lot

Jewson is the biggest lumberyard in the United Kingdom, with more than 600 stores. This ad dates from the 1980s and undoubtedly helped persuade viewers of the telly that Jewson was a full-service dealer.

Knox Lumber and the 3 Stooges

This 1982 ad also comes way before my time at ProSales, but the message is timeless. Minnesota-based Knox was part of Payless Cashways. The Knox stores closed in 2001 Payless went through a bankruptcy-law reorganization.

McCoy’s Building Supply: Wide Open Spaces

I love the sepia tones in this Texas-based dealer's commercial, as well as its declaration that the big box stores likely are far, far away from whichever ranch you’re working at--but McCoy's is nearby.

Buzick Lumber's Wizard of Oz

My favorite commercial to date from this modestly sized yard from the ever-so-appropriately named town of Bardstown, Ky. But stay tuned: we've heard that Buzick is casting now for a "Three Little Pigs" commercial to come out in 2017. We can't wait.