A little creativity can go a long way in letting customers know you appreciate them—especially if the only thing you’re pitching them is a snowball. That’s the angle Marietta, Ga.-based PMC Building Materials takes with its annual holiday mailing. For the last four years, Tom Matula, PMC’s information technology and marketing manager, has used Photoshop software to edit images of his co-workers’ heads onto cartoon characters and arrange them in a themed setting on a 5x8-inch postcard. (He searches the Internet for licensed images to avoid copyright infringement.) Examples are a snowball fight and a sled race between inside and outside sales reps. In 2011, it cost the company about $3,000 to send 5,200 cards to customers within a 40-mile radius. “We wanted to do something that would lift the spirit of our customers,” Matula says, but he adds: “We try to make everything politically correct. There’s a lot of thought put into it.”