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The white paper, commissioned by Ainsworth, explores a number of sales strategies that are geared toward today's challenging LBM sales environment. In particular, Kellick-Grubbs delves into Sales Activity Management or SAM, which focuses on helping salespeople spend their time on the right things for the right amount of time to drive desired results.

Excerpt from the white paper:

"Don't worry, he buys everything from me," says the outside salesman. Yet, two weeks later a competitor's truck is delivering to the jobsite and your salesman has no purchase orders. That's a common refrain at many dealers today. It's little wonder that traditional selling strategies and tactics have been largely ineffective in securing business today. The market has changed significantly and the old rules don't apply.

Increased competition and unprecedented margin pressure have combined to create the LBM industry's most challenging sales environment. Add persistent unemployment, lack of credit, and low consumer confidence and you're describing the perfect storm. Yet some LBM dealers have made aggressive and innovative moves to capture sales—and they're working. These dealers are creating their own success in an unpredictable market. Here's what's working now, and how you can adopt these successful strategies