Branding your company includes logos, uniforms, and labeled vehicles, but did you ever think that your marketing should also reflect your company's brand? Writing for our sister site, Remodeling, Bruce Case explores why clearly marketing your company's mission is important not only for your branding, but also for your customer:

The traditional silos of marketing ... are breaking down. It’s about the overall experience, from the first impression to the last touch. What do the brand, the website, the logo, the print ads convey and what do they stand for? Does my first touch with the business align with that? How about the follow-up email and other touches? Do the people I meet from the business—regardless if they are in sales, marketing, or in production—align?

The silos have broken down because of transparency garnered via the web. I don’t have to believe what you say in your marketing; I can read client experiences written by actual clients. I can read employee experiences written by actual employees. Marketing and sales are no longer a moment. They are steps in the dance between business and client.

To make this dance as effective as possible, we need to start by knowing clearly who we are and what we do best, and telling that story as effectively as possible. Not just when we meet the [customer], but in our entire presence: on our website, on review sites, with neighbors, through referrals, in our logo, on our vans and our job signs. They all need to tell our story as authentically and as consistently as possible.

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